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Statement of Intention
For the final studio exhibition we were asked to set up a few things, this would count to our final mark. When the brief came out there were 3 major things that we needed to do: a 1 minute screener for the presentation reel, a compilation of our fini (More)
Exhibition Reflection
The day had finally come, it was time to see everyone else\'s work in the various studios and I was impressed! So many cool things to watch and listen to! Our studio went second in the presentations so it was hard at first to see how we stacked up (More)
Final Reflection
This week saw the end of Writing for Film, as well the end of my second year of studies. The studio this semester was different to how I imagined it would be. I imagined there would be more writing, and more obvious peer-to-peer teaching between t (More)
Media Exhibition Day Reflective Report
Statement of intentions For the upcoming media exhibition day, we have been asked to provide a one-minute screener for the presentation, as well as a visual poster, a page on the Writing For Film blog and a compilation of longer clips for the exhi (More)
Final Reflection
Yesterday marked the final assessment for the semester. I helped set up for the exhibition by making an A3 poster with Film Write written on it, the full poster is below: I also created the postcards for the studio exhibition after some confus (More)
Writing For Film // Presentation & Exhibition Report
Statement of my intentions: In anticipation of the exhibition, I intend to present the ‘produce’ of the past semester to the media cohort, subsequently portraying a true and appealing reflection of the Writing For Film Studio. As much as it is a ref (More)
Statement of Intent
Michael and I\'s intention is to to represent our work over this semester in the best way possible. Even though we think that our scripts and blog posts show the true progr (More)
Blog for Website - Media Exhibition Day
Squadron - made up of media students Laura and Bonnie, and creative writers Sarah, Alex and Jackson - aimed to explore the key elements that make good thriller film through the creation of a trailer/teaser for our hypothetical feature, Black Flat. Th (More)
Struggles with Continuity
As Mentioned previously it was my job to look after editing all of the scripts and making sure the continuity was there between the difference episodes. Our original idea of sending all of the scripts to me and then me sending them all out separately (More)
Editing The Trailer
So we decided as a group to go the way we\'ve alway gone when dividing up tasks and that was for every body to take responsibility for their own genre. As has been noted several times before, I don\'t have a genre that I\'m looking after so it made s (More)
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