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Final Cut & Deconstructing Sound post to be updated (More)
The Making Of: Waterlogged
Scroll down for reflection and video Click on highlighted segments to go to post THE DOSSIER PRE-PRODUCTION: Design & Communication a) Equipment / Practise b) O (More)
Transcription & Organisation
During my last internship, I was mostly tasked with transcribing past award shows. It was tedious but I saw how recording movement using words would benefit the company in the long run. A transcript provided a record that was quicker to read, to pick (More)
On Set Attitude & Rapport
We were not able to recce the production the filming location before the shoot because it is Mr Batoor's private property and all our schedules did not allow it. So prior to our first meeting, we requested for him to send us a few photos so we could (More)
Shaping Story & Listing Questions
Intro 1. Text, SFX (either paper or environment), cut to BB looking at photo, BB speaks 2. Overlay of photo spread, over-the-shoulder of BB picking up photo 3. Black screen, (TBC cam shutter), BB’s voice, keywords on screen, cut to mid shot of him (More)
The Salt of the Earth
The only other doco I remember which involves taking photographs and incorporating that medium into the film is “Born into Brothels” but its focus was less about serving the photos, compared to “The Salt of the Earth”. Clearly an homage to Sebastião (More)
Our Pitch
Our te (More)
Draft 14   (More)
Draft 9   (More)
Draft 2 (More)
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