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The Art of Persuasion - Assignment 1
Joshua Houston (s3663263) Can something be both political and poetic? Any subject, regardless of how mundane or audacious, can be written and presented as poetry. Politics refers process of making decisions to apply to members of a group, and t (More)
for next Thursday's workshop...
Kris will bring her test shooting material Zane will bring his list of objects (end of week 10 will have the photos from friends) Vivian will bring four or five sounds of different objects Rico will bring locations and items to film Molly (More)
Clip Analyse Exercise
 Clip #1 Increased Senses                 ASMR, Intimate, Freedom, Warm, -change in pace with death-  eerie, loud,   Clip #2 The Duke of Burgundy Calm, Peaceful, colourful, intricate, beautiful (specific focal points) -change afte (More)
Josh and Sam Immersive Experience Practice Reflection
Sam and I set out to record footage that was immersive through the use of symmetry, the rule of thirds, and camera techniques such as panning and zoom. We wanted to contrast but also show the similarities between man made structures and nature scener (More)
PB1: Statement of Intent
 Joshua Houston      The reason I’m particularly interested in the Mechanics of Immersion is that I’d like to know what changes a boring student film into an interesting and immersive short film. I would like to learn what it is that ed (More)
Sam and Josh Immersive Experience Practice (More)
Feedbacks from the Sound Expert [W]
The last workshop of my first semester, seems as usual as the rest of the workshop before project submission, a rough cut reviewed by our tutor Brian, and our classmates with a fancy audio sharing machine. But…the differences had began to emerge when (More)
Finally... the last project began [W]
Here comes to the third month of my Uni life, meeting new friends, joining quite a lot of activities (especially RMITV movie nights), with just realised that I had done 3 projects so far (and being a part-time promoter of RMIT by using an interviewin (More)
The Workshop Before Submission [W]
A phenomenon of, the class before each project's submission, would always be less discussion on lecture, and working on our own assignment with having the chance of asking our tutor questions, no matter this Media 1 class or my Sound Design elective, (More)
The First Taste of Single-shot [W]
Single shot video, as known as a filming technique called 'Long-take' (from Wikipedia), that used an extremely long continuous shot as a more interesting way to tell the story, and alternative way than 'editing' that need more accurate planning, nume (More)
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