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Ways of Making - a media 6 studio
Ways of Making - an alternative approach to the production of film Okay but listen.... "A film project invariably requires a commitment to a particular from and its methods of production. But does this limit the film's expressive potential?" (More)
Initiative: the practice of simplicity and the essence of the human condition in film
Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki by dono 2015 When I came across my first Hayao Miyazaki film (Spirited Away) three, four years ago, I finally opened the magical door to a world of film in its most simplistic and (More)
Inspiration: actions and locations that inspire the creative machinations
Roman Polanski said, "...we had no design or definite idea what we would be writing about.  It wasn’t, “Hey, I have an idea so let’s write a screenplay.”  It was, “Let’s write what we’d like to see on the screen – the kind of emotions, the kind of f (More)
Reflection on visual aesthetic: exposure in fantasy
~ Yarra Valley Shoot ~ Enchanted path.mp4 Crossroads: thick, dark, wooded forestry to your left, bright, illuminated, enchanting path to your right. Dilemma: where do you go? Which path should you take? I, the filmmaker chooses "por que no los d (More)
Reflection on visual aesthetic: the Pride & Prejudice
There are certain films that beguiles, encapsulates, wraps you up in tenderhearted sentimentalities as you go flying up, up, up in a cloudless sky where dreams are made of, grasped, and you can ride beyond fields of imagination made real. And as a (More)
short film production day + pics!
It's been pre-production madness for Grief (working title) the past couple of weeks when 1. you're a broke university student who cannot afford to hire the perfect location of your dreams and 2. I'm getting ahead of myself because 3. when you've got (More)
Final Project: "Der Schmerz"
Der Schmerz This project is an amalgamation of introductory static movement and short film direction. Formatted like an old silent film, this short film investigates the direction of movement, characters as occupants of space, and the camera's i (More)
Reflections - class exercises and motivated shots
I reflect on one class exercise we did titled the abstract image. The Abstract Image Aim: to investigate a place This exercise involved us directors to choose a certain framing in a specific location we choose to capture. We considered the fo (More)
Exercises on Capture and Edit: Three-shot
I enjoyed this particular exercise for the reason that though it was rough, the team was able to pull together, find a location, and think up a sequence of shots on our feet, film it and rock and roll through the editing process. Title: Blisscepti (More)
Initiative post: inspiration and the study of Static Movement
On my previous blog posts, I have listed a number of directorial inspirations who all shape my creative endeavour in the industry. I focused on Studio Ghibli's master filmmaker Hayao Miayazaki for a number of reasons that are all encompassed under si (More)
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