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True To Form - Project Summary
Research Question: Observations of the natural world. From the very beginning of the semester, I had a very clear idea of what I was interested in investigating, and a very vague idea of how I would ultimately approach it. I'm very fortunate to (More)
Looking Back - Thoughts - Future
In the Beginning of the semester i wasn't sure what to expect with True to Form and what i would get out of it as a filmmaker. When the assessment task was given to us i found it really hard to find motivation in something, as we were able to film pr (More)
Editing-Sound -Grading
Working towards the end of year screening we are tasked with making a 22.5 second video showcasing our research question and then showing some of the things we filmed during the year that showcase that research question. We are then to make a full le (More)
D-Day - Filming Showreel scenes
The weekend had finally come around to filming the final project for True to form. I had put in the planning, picked up the equipment from RMIT and i got my friend to come down and record sound for me while i focused on filming. We were able to get a (More)
Walking and more Walking - And Trees Glorious Trees
Still working with Judrina on her final project, i was excited for the upcoming shooting days. One day was planned to film in Melbourne city and the other was planned to film in Mount Macedon. Judrina had also simplified her idea in more of a direct (More)
Re-focus -Show reel scenes - Planning - Equipment
After talking with Paul to clarify our end of year projects i was humbled to simplify my ideas thus i was only looking to explore the following areas. Depth and Movement, this is pretty much what inspired me in my previous blog posts but what i wante (More)
Week 7-13 work summary
For my investigation, I focused on foley and adobe after effects; specifically, trying to create the effect of a camera passing through a wall or floor to serve as a transition. Because of this, I will be separating my experiments into different sub- (More)
True to Form - Week #11.2 - More ACTION!
We went back to the multi-story carpark and with haste we commenced shooting, as one of us had to rush off to work after. You might think it's really easy to act as a zombie or mimic one, but when it comes to directing, plotting, or choreographing (More)
True to Form - Week #12.3 - End is Near
Day by day, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get brighter and brighter. Everything seems to be taking its shape, I've managed to change the colour of Reza's skin to make him look like a zombie, and tried matching grades across all the s (More)
True to Form - Week #12.2 - How to make your friend look like a Zombie
I taken on the challenge to change the skin tone of Reza to a more pale looking, cold blood, flesh eating zombie. I had no idea what I was putting myself through. I am pretty sure there's a much easier way to going about doing it, but I've not dug (More)
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