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nm week 4
Weekly thoughts If I was being honest, this week’s readings was more enjoyable than some of the others that I came across. I read ‘Understanding New Media’ by Eugenia Serpia in order to have a better understanding of media and its different terms. (More)
nm week 3
Thoughts Since the last time I read something from Adrian Miles, I very much enjoyed it, this time I read Miles essay on Network Literacy. The essay made comparisons between print, computer, and network literacy.  According to Miles (2007), network (More)
Thoughts... Two weeks into Network Media and we are diving into the more technical stuff. A lot of the things that we are learning links back to a man called Don Norman. He used his studies in psychology and electrical engineering to establish a l (More)
circle - line - mesh
Across vs through - if we had a boundary around us, relations would go across our outer plane/surface. But we are not 'circles' so it goes through us, and likewise we go through other things as well instead. I think of it as going through one of (More)
blog #98: analysis three
The conclusion... The third and final analysis for this brief, and my final informal analysis before I dive in, head first, into the pool that is the essay. I'm going to look at this with more of an outsider's point of view. There were definite (More)
blog #97: analysis two
The evaluation... This analysis is focusing on my communicative media, that is my emails and iMessage, anything and everything that involves me speaking to people via online media. The difference between social media and communicative media, is (More)
blog #96: analysis one
The evidence... I guess, looking over my daily media use, my social media use is considerably a lot less than everyone else. With that, this analysis blog entry will focus on my social media use. In reality, I sort of do the same thing daily wi (More)
Mobile Media Photography
  I wasn't able to attend the Tuesday studio, so instead I spent the time reading Daniel Palmer's "Mobile Medi (More)
True To Form - Reflecting On Consults
I'm drawn towards investigating: - Film Theory: After reading 'Film On Film' by VF Perkins, Pauline Kael reviews, Zizek's ideas on form vs content, Godard - Nature: Filming around Darebin parklands - Shooting on an iPhone 7: Testing out focus, are (More)
blog #80: inspecting naomi simson
Naomi Simson is one of Australia's most well-known and successful entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Red Balloon (an online gift-giving service), one out of the five Sharks on Channel 10's Shark Tank and a successful author. I have admired Naomi si (More)
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