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I think there’s definitely some risk in creating a story that’s spread across a combination of different platforms and mediums. It seems like the main danger is creating a story that is diluted and over-complicated by an ineffective segmentation of i (More)
[WATCH]: 'Overwatch Short|Recall'
I kind of dropped the ball on my ‘weekly’ story-sharing posts, but I’m here now to share one last ‘story-of-the-week’. Overwatch is Blizzard’s latest game, and before I talk about the relevance of the embedded video I’d just like to point out (More)
Story Lab [part 13]: Project B3 - Initial Reflection
Our transmedia project, ‘The Barlow Enquiry’ is an interactive transmedia story which will utilise elements of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) platform to engage and involve audiences in a detailed crime-mystery narrative. Our story follows Atticus (More)
Story Lab [part 15]: Structure & Design
We’ve recently been working on the structure and design of The Barlow Enquiry - sorting out the features of the Blog and the ways through which we plan to tell our story. Bec and I have been trying to organise the Blog’s features in order to provide (More)
Story Lab [part 16]: Refinement & Re-evaluation
This week we spent a lot of time refining our ideas and discussing many of the problems that we had begun to see popping up within our initial concepts. In our Wednesday session, we began to gain a better sense of what needed ‘fixing’ through a proce (More)
Story Lab [part 17]: Player Objectives
Recently I've been working on figuring out the interactive aspects of our project. Over the weekend I realised that while we'd been talking a lot about the audience experience, we hadn't really asked ourselves: 'what are we going to give the audience (More)
Story Lab [part 18]: Platforming
Controlling the scope of this project is something that we definitely have to keep focusing on. With only a few weeks to go, I think it's really important to ensure that we don't become flooded with content to produce and platforms to manage. We r (More)
Story Lab [part 20]: Writing as Atticus
I’ve unofficially taken on the role of ‘being Atticus’. Once I’d written out his first few ‘Investigation Updates’ we decided that it'd be best if I just continued to focus on all of Atticus' future blog & Facebook updates (for the sake of contin (More)
Story Lab [part 19]: Interactivity, Agency & Player Objectives
One of the main aspects of our project is the ‘Player Objectives’ system, and it’s probably the one that we’ve experimented with and adjusted the most. As our understanding of the project developed, the objectives system continuously evolved, and we’ (More)
Final Reflection
It is the end of the semester and the project is complete, the world of John Mitchell Christie is ready to explore. At the beg (More)
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