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Research statement/question: My investigation was based around the match cut and how and why it is used in cinema. Reflection: After studying various approaches to coverage in the beginning of this semester of 'The Scene", I was interested i (More)
Exercise: Noisy Phone (Video)
So here is the finished edit of my final exercise into match cutting. This time, unlike my first exercise, the focus is not on the graphic match cut itself but rather implementing a match cut type technique to create alternative editing strategies. I (More)
Collaboration, Part 2
This week, I helped Emma and Kate out with the last couple of exercises for their investigations and in turn they helped me out with mine. On Tuesday afternoon, we filmed both Kate and Emma's exercises. Kate had planned to shoot her scene from Gos (More)
Full Circle
For the past couple of weeks, I've focused solely on the match cut - but having finished my last exercise, I was reminded that our focus for The Scene this semester is on the notion of coverage. I thought it would be a good idea to finish off with so (More)
Final exercise plan of attack
So today I am shooting my final exercise for the semester. This will be a short scene using the principle of match cuts to inform my editing decisions. Originally, Robin suggested recreating More)
Some More Thoughts On Audio
It occurred to me after my post on the different types of match cuts that audio actually plays a really important role. However, although audio match cuts can be used in the same way as visual cuts to connect two shots together (like the examples bel (More)
Focus on Ideas: Test Shots
During the consults this Wednesday, Robin suggested that my final exercise build on the editing approach that I had unconsciously adopted from my Corridor exercise. He suggested that I do another exercise with actors, and incorporate match cuts as no (More)
Mandatory Collaboration Post
According to the Studio Guide, a blog post on our thoughts about collaboration is here it is. Throughout this semester, we have participated in small group or class exercises that work like a mini film crew. These were helpful in giv (More)
Focus on Audio: Creating emphasis on sound
When we watch any piece of cinematic product on TV or film, we generally take the sound that accompanies the visual for granted. In terms of recreating situations and special effects, we often give all the focus to things like CGI and don't realise t (More)
Focus On Ideas: Brainstorm
I had a chat with Robin a couple of weeks earlier where he mentioned thinking more about narrative/meaning rather than focusing solely on the graphic. Initially I was hesitant about this because I struggle more with narrative so I tend to only think (More)
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