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The Scene In Cinema: Studio Reflection
In what ways do you hope your exhibited work (whether individual or group produced) engaged its audience and communicated a key concern of the studio? I would love to exchange some of the 'sense of wonder' I have found in this topic. I think film (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Research Project
THE SUBJECTIVITY IN CINEMA For my research project I decided to look into the ways a drama film can intentionally break its continuity for dramatic effect/narrative emphasis, although that's only a loose description of it. A phrase that we've used q (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Assignment 4 Index
Click any of the links below to be directed to the relevant blog posts: RESEARCH PROJECT More)
The Scene In Cinema: Fifteenth Reflection
Recently I've been getting into VFX work. I feel like it might be wise for me to develop a niche interest when it comes to filmmaking, as right now, I'm a bit of a generalist. Sure, if you're working with barebones crews it's a good to have skills in (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Fourteenth Reflection
Following another shoot with my dancer/filmmaker friend Jacob this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to use my next reflection to write about my experience with our latest collaboration/our collaborations as a whole. I've found really lik (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Ninth Reflection
This evening I attended an introductory webinar on colour grading using the Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES). Colour Grading and VFX is something I've always had an interest in, however it's not something I've ever done professionally (I've work (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Thirteenth Reflection
For my thirteenth reflection I have decided to look into what makes a "believable" lighting setup on small scale productions. I have discovered first-hand just how important 'motivation' is in lighting (as well as in almost every other facet of filmm (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Twelfth Reflection
For my twelfth reflection, I have decided to complete the activity prescribed in Part 17 of our online lessons, and reflect on my process and decision making. The task involved storyboarding, shot listing, and floor planning a 3 scene script provi (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Eleventh Reflection
This weekend I was hired by a dancer/filmmaker friend of mine to camera operate on his music video (he was both the talent and the director). I was tasked with using his gimbal rig to film him dancing, something I'd never done before. I'd like to use (More)
The Scene In Cinema: Tenth Reflection
Following our in-class presentations of our research topics, I would like to reflect on the directorial work of Edgar Wright (as presented by classmate Lachy). I've always been a big fan of Wright's work, and have only realised just now that I've see (More)
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