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Like many twenty-something-year-old Australians growing up, my parents caught the six o'clock news when they could on the living room TV, which was featured center stage, the news of course conflicted with the Simpsons. They also had a fondness for g (More)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a half an hour weekly news satire show carried by HBO. Often simple in format, it heavily features its titular host sitting at a desk speaking directly to the audience, not unlike those featured in news and curre (More)
TV-rhythmia and logging my "productivity"
They say, don't be a couch potato if you don't want to lose a year. I said that, but I also fail at actually realising that because I signed up for a class titled Television Cultures and we are more than encouraged to well, be a couch potato. Oh, (More)
Blog Post 2: Mad Men and The Rejection of Romanticisation
When the Matthew Weiner-penned 60s drama Mad Men began airing in 2007, it effectively paved the way for period drama television and invited a critique on perhaps the most romanticized era of the 20th century: 60s Americana. This critique grew in mome (More)
Week 11- Transformation Narrative in Reality Television
Week 11 had us delving into a subset of reality television shows: the transformation narrative. The subject of the transformation or makeover is changed to reflect social ideals more closely through a transformation of appearance, lifestyle or posses (More)
My TV Viewing
The shows that I view regularly are 50% superhero shows and 40% animated children\'s cartoons, with Ultimate Spiderman being smack in the middle. While I may catch an episode of other shows now and again, enough to keep up with them or be able to inc (More)
Participatory Culture
Participatory culture is a phenomenon that has only grown with advances in technology. The involvement of fans in shows can prolong the enjoyment of an episode and builds a sense of community surrounding the show. There are genres that support partic (More)
Overall Reflection on Viewing Habits - Television Cultures
Keeping up with the time-use diary has taught me a lot about my viewing habits over the past semester. Based on the programs, platforms and devices I have engaged with, I will analyse my viewing in terms of the following four areas: YouTube in the pl (More)
Fandom and Friends - Television Cultures
When we think of the terms ‘fan’ and ‘fandom,’ adjectives along the lines of obsessive, crazy and hysterical tend to immediately spring to mind. But is it necessary for individuals to align with these stereotypes to be considered a fan, and how has f (More)
Reality TV and The Bachelor - Television Cultures
Although reality television is one the most stigmatised and controversial genres on our screens, it is also one of the most successful. Reality TV encompasses elements of the information, entertainment, drama and documentary genres, and typically pre (More)
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