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Media project & final reflection
Final Media Piece (produced by Lee, Abby, Yvonne and Jacky) Final reflection: Here we have the final blog post for this course study. It has been a great time to go throughout the whole course study with couples o (More)
Development #5 - Rough cut
Rough Cut link: (Group rough cut - 10mins) (More)
Development #4 – Creative Tests
2 mins creative test video: More)
Development #3 - Presentation Reflection
Link to PowerPoint Slides of Presentation: PowerPoint Slides Climate change is a subject of today's public discourse, with a high volume of speech regarding (More)
Development #2 – Research
Research of Creative work ('Economy and the Environment' by NV atCEPImperial, 2014 on YouTube)   This week, our group is informed that we are going to have one more new member join our group p (More)
Development #1 - Initial ideas
In the week 7 Friday studio class, we are grouped up as three members to work together for the following assignments. My group is asked to research academic sources to support the pollution that occurs by human activities in Melbourne and China regio (More)
Sketch 6 – Dynamic Reflection: In this week's study, we have approached the idea "Dynamic". In my understanding of this word, it defines to be a meaning of either a running flow of objects or a concept of the life cycle in n (More)
Sketch 4 - Entangled   Reflection: The keyword for this week's learning is "Entangled", which conveys the concept of relationships among the living beings, that connects each other somehow. Such an idea reveals the "In (More)
Sketch 5 – Damaged   Reflection: This week’s study was focus on the idea of ‘staying with the troubles’. For me, the concept went way further than I could understand the reading written by Haraway, D. (More)
Sketch 2 - Vibrancy
Audio:   URL: Reflections: According to this week's reading and tutorials, I found everything has it's own power, as (More)
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