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Assignment 4 (More)
Research Project 2.0
Pre-production I would like to try a long take. I think this would be a good way to combine and execute many of the things we have been talking about this semester. I also tried a long take back in media one that I have been wanting to redo because (More)
Exhibition Post
I don't even know where to begin with summarising this studio because I have learnt so much. All of the skills I have developed throughout this semester have been invaluable and will assist me greatly in future projects. From the very first class (More)
Final thoughts on decoupage
I think the process of decoupage definitely begins at the script stage even if it is largely subconsciously. When someone is writing a script, I feel that they are simultaneously picturing how it would exist visually. Even if this is nothing close to (More)
Exercise 14
For the first half of the shoot I was just an actor in the background and this meant that I had very little clue of what was actually going on and the shots that were being taken. We all then swapped roles for the next two scenes and I was the assist (More)
It was really nice seeing everyone’s presentations today and seeing the mutual love we all have for this studio. It was also interesting to see how there were many similarities in what we were investigating. Even though we came up with our ideas (More)
Exercise 11
At first, the exercise was kind of confusing to our group and we were a bit all over the place. We spent a lot of time just wandering around looking for places to shoot. I did, however, find the exercise very useful. To be honest, I would rarely have (More)
Lighting Exercise
The main thing I took from this exercise, was how easy it is to use natural lighting to capture different emotions. We saw how we could deflect or reflect the light on or off the subject and how much of a difference this made in the overall feeling o (More)
Antonioni Reading
‘Carne admires actors, and this is exactly what great directors of actors do not do.’ I don’t necessarily agree with this quote from Antonioni. In watching a lot of interviews with actors, I have often heard the saying that a director is an ‘actor’s (More)
Actors and Camera Coverage
In past films a have shot for school and uni, it has often been the case of using whoever is available as actors and not really giving much thought to how this might impact the shoot. However, it has been really interesting this semester seeing the r (More)
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