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Fifth Reflection
This week was our last week of classes for the studio, although ‘class time’ has been fairly non-existent the past couple of weeks since our priorities have been to work with our groups in different spaces and complete this gargantuan project. Despi (More)
Fourth Reflection
One of the busiest periods of time I’ve experienced that I can recall, this week was our recording week with most of our actors for our episode. Following the success of our presentation last week, we were left with the administrative nightmare of (More)
Third Reflection
With our class pre-production presentation occurring next week, our newly formed production team have been already hard at work in ensuring we are prepared to not only present, but also record lines with our actors. As a starting point, the team got (More)
Second Reflection
Members from the production studio we are working in partnership with this semester came into class this week with bounds of feedback to give our final script drafts, which we submitted last week. The responses they gave to our work was descriptive, (More)
First Reflection
This week was a busy one in the Miss Fisher and the Problem of the Prequel Podcast studio, largely due to the two main writing projects we were tasked with completing in the coming weeks. The first was an academic essay, where in which we needed to (More)
A4 - Reflection
This studio has been an invaluable experience for me, revealing the prejudice and greater institutional barriers women must face than their male counterparts in the Australian film industry. While it is no surprise that women are provided less opport (More)
A2 - Reflection
My interview with cinematographer Bonnie Elliot was extremely successful - she is a lovely person and a great speaker. As she talked about her first-hand experiences and expertise, I was able to gain valuable insight into her career, as well as the f (More)
A2 - Submission
Link to Google Drive Folder: Link to microfilm 1: More)
The End - Studio Reflection
  In what ways do you hope your screenings/exhibited/screened work (whether individual or group produced) engaged its audience and communicated a key concern of the studio?    I hope that the films we produced for this semester in our (More)
12.3 - SP2 Synopsis
YUMENO, a translation of ‘OF A DREAM’ in Japanese, is an experimental short film by Leanne Sta Ana about a transcendental experience of love that is destined to be forgotten — as all dreams are. When a girl finds love in a dream, we witness her memor (More)
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