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Reflection and Link to Media Work, EM Assessment 2
Quickly after our group was assembled we decided we wanted to do something mainly photography based which was easily linked to my assessment 1 as I used photography as a media mode. After Teresa's presentation about her assessment one project which w (More)
Teach Me How Networking Works ASAP
Networked Media 2019 Week 1 Oh hey Long time no see I have just made it out alive from my first week back at uni. And despite the typical moaning and groaning of how exhausted I already am, I am genuinely excited and revved up for my classes (More)
An Interview with my Dad
Networked Media 2019 Week 2 Hey friends, meet Paul. This goofball is my beloved father and I'm writing about him today because (More)
THINKING IN FRAGMENTS – Assignment 2 Development Pt.4
Readings "Today we are in the middle of a new media revolution— the shift of all culture to computer-mediated forms of production, distribution, and communication." - Manovich (2001) It is stated that the new media differs from the traditional (More)
Telling Not Telling
A reflection on Week 1's reading It was a pleasant surprise to discover many similarities of this week's reading with my past courses in cinema studies. Just having recently completed a "Popular Cinema" course, I recognized a few names like Bordwe (More)
Dawn Shadforth
After looking at some of Dawn Shadforth's works in class, I went ahead and viewed some of her other music videos over the years just to get a broader idea of what sort of director she is. I found it difficult to pinpoint the type of style or genre sh (More)
Reading || Race and Femininity
I never thought that one day when my parents would ask what I've got for homework, I would reply with "Oh, I have to read about butts." Anyway, this fourth and final reading was another very insightful read into representations of women in music v (More)
Reading || Between Feminism and Popular Culture
This chapter was a big read, but a very insightful read. Having studied about second-wave feminism back in high school, it was interesting to hear more about postfeminism and what people have to say about what we have done as a society after the (More)
Perception and reality
These things keep popping up! This one from Keith Wilson is a little older, but still picks up on a few things from early in semester... Impressed by the possibility of suc (More)
Can we trust our perception to accurately depict reality? [6]
Could the way that I view the world be completely different to the way you do? Maybe we can view colour and light differently to others, and clearly some of us taste particular food differently to others, I personally hate even the slightest bit of s (More)
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