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The Art of Persuasion - Assignment 2
What is wrong with simply observing the world? Joshua Houston S3663263   It takes an amazing level of self-control and open mindedness to observe the world as an individual without judgement, emotion, or bias, but to document your ob (More)
The Art of Persuasion - Assignment 1
Joshua Houston (s3663263) Can something be both political and poetic? Any subject, regardless of how mundane or audacious, can be written and presented as poetry. Politics refers process of making decisions to apply to members of a group, and t (More)
MOI Wk 11 So this week I was shooting for my short film for the final assessment. It is going to be short from what I am seeing so far, aligning everything in the timeline in Premiere Pro. Will it be too short? Don't think so. I (More)
MOI Wk 10 This week I am doing more storyboarding but also some film/lighting testing. For one scene in my film, two characters are sitting in daylight in front of a fire having a conversation. First problem: can't actually have (More)
Update on Project Brief 4
[ Marking Sheet (PDF) ] By now you should have developed a clear plan for what you will be making for your final project. This should be a single work or series of works t (More)
Week 8 Crits
UPDATE: These crit presentations will now take place on FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER -- Dig Media folks head to 94.6.27, Media folk to 94.6.28 Hi ImmersionMechs - It's part of studio practice to receive critique and commentary on the work you've ach (More)
Project Brief 3: Immersion Audit
Immersion can simplify what the world around you to concentrate on what is important. Immersion in most real life spaces has the goal of either being as good as it can be so you stay for as long as you can or so you come back many times to make the (More)
Joshua Houston PB3: Gambling Room Audit
There are Immersive similarities between Gambling Rooms both in the Melbourne CBD Crown Casino which focused on a range of gambling and a local Thornbury gambling bar, the Croxton Park Hotel, which focused primarily on slot machines. They both featur (More)
Project Brief 1: Statement of Intent
From this studio, I would like to get a better sense of what immersion is, why it happens and how to make my project more immersive. Immersion grabs me because, in my opinion, it is the ultimate goal of what making any kind of media. Whether that is (More)
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