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Portfolio Essay
How has my practice changed over the duration of the semester in this studio? What have I learnt? // OVE Memory Lane I cannot believe this semester has come to an end. I was extremely sceptical about this course from the start and I made no sec (More)
End of Semester Reflection Essay (1000 Words)
During this semester we\'ve all focused on different elements of online video and sketching. We started our first assignment by focusing on a case study and then spent the remainder of our assignments expanding from that focal point. For my assignmen (More)
New Prompt
We are interested in the way a tutorial video is communicated in regards to linear step-by-step processes. In our sketches we discovered that it could be useful to produce a linear video in a non-linear structure. We plan to develop a prototype th (More)
Week 12 Reflections & Project 4 Progress
Monday 25th This is the beginning of the last week of classes this semester. Only a handful of times I\'ve come to class early this semester (I can go on about why it involves a small time difference in my commuting that results in a huge diffe (More)
Week 12/ Project Four: We Have A Better Channel & Greater Purpose!
Week 13 – My Portfolio Essay
The aim of this studio, Online Video Experiment, was pretty vague to me at first. I thought we would be learning to create videos that were made online, just creating another YouTube video. I can remember my first studio session, an early Monday morn (More)
Final Prototype: Stuck In A Room These are the two parts of the video of our final prototype. Please view them in YouTube Doubler. SUMMARY: E (More)
Project FOUR: The Final Piece – The Journey
WORKING TITLE: Creating an Interactive Narrative using YouTube Doubler We were sticking to our YouTube Doubler and creating a parallel narrative. We thought it was more appropriate to stick to a simpler concept as suggested by the panel of judges (More)
Prototype Draft: The First Iteration The first draft to be presented for class feedback. The cues were not planned out well as you can see some actions were not timed properly through the two perspectives. It was a difficult process, juggli (More)
Prototype Draft: The Last Chip!
Another spin off from the previous draft, to try to improve on our skills of filming a first person perspective with a camera.   This was more of testing the monologue sequence. Instead of edi (More)
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