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Week One; Play & Playfulness
[Source: Unsplash]  An art seemingly created to bring joy and be fun, sometimes a goosebump maker. If you're like me, it's always ar (More)
Week Four ; Reflection
    Introduce your video work in relation to responding to the conceptual brief and the guidelines on form.    This week we took our ini (More)
THINKING IN FRAGMENTS – Assignment 2 Development Pt.1
Non-Fictional Project + Individual Research Pt.1 Non-Fictional Project The DNA Project is an online interactive documentary that documents the production of the musician More)
Converging on Narrative - The Future of the Music Video
"Each medium possesses its own language with regard to time, space, narrativity, and affect" Vernallis questions the relationship between music videos and narrative in his early 2000s work Experiencing Music Video: Aesthetics and Cultural Context. (More)
Dear Rohan Sprong,
As my first official post for this summer studio, I thought it'd be quite fitting to write to you in the form of a letter/email/whatever to explain what the hell I'm doing here and how the hell did I get here. So, just about a year ago I would've (More)
Audio Diary - 남진 and 1980s Trot Music
The last few weeks  I have been listening to a lot of trot music (old-style Korean pop). Predominantly artists from the 80s and 90s. A favourite of mine has been Nam Jin (남진). His vocals mix with the instrumentals to create such a full and rich sou (More)
An ethereal soundscape: Now That The Light Is Fading
by Elise Schumacher Maggie Rogers leaves us glassy-eyed and craving more of her “singular” sound in 17 short minutes or less. There’s something dreamy about a picturesque Alaskan landscape; the clinking of wind-chimes, frosty air and breathtaki (More)
Never would’ve met my friends if not for satellites: BROCKHAMPTON, the internet's first boyband
by Sam Harris Self-proclaimed "All-American Boyband" and breakout internet superstars BROCKHAMPTON are our digital knights in shining armour. With their rise to fame culminating in a crucial moment in music culture, they weaved their way into the (More)
Examining pop music’s fascination with death and rebirth in 2017
by Nat Pitcher Each morning when my phone alarm rings, rather than open my eyes and hit the snooze button like a regular person, I keep my peepers squeezed shut, and jab the screen randomly till my finger finds the right spot. This is because each (More)
Making money moves and breaking records: the success of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”
by Annie Cooper Like many, I was introduced to Cardi B through Instagram. A video of her strutting down a hotel hallway, proclaiming “It’s cold outside, but I’m still lookin’ like a thotty because a hoe never gets cold!” was making the rounds, and (More)
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