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The Mearsheimer Piece
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Week 4, Wednesday reading
Only one reading this week to be completed by Monday, 2nd February.  It\'s a bit dense so be sure to take your time with it. Galloway, Alexander R. Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization. The MIT Press, 2006. Print. (More)
Adrian Miles\' Hypertext Essay
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Mixed Media Creative Critical Essay
Value: (40%) Due: Friday, 19th February at 5pm This task can be completed in pairs or individually. If a complete draft of the writing (minimum 1200 words) is submitted to your teacher by Monday, 9th February you will receive a bonus 5 marks. W (More)
Different Perspectives
Have a look at these two different news articles about the same story.  While neither goes particularly far towards either side of bias, have a think about the ways in which information is prioritised and what the respective focus of each article imp (More)
Although in some distant, or not-so-distant, future all individual texts will electronically link to one another, thus creating metatexts and metametatexts of a kind only partly imaginable at present, less far-reaching forms of hypertextuality have a (More)
Reading 11
Another change of tack, partly looking back intensively where we have been but also looking forward to the sorts of methods, questions, and problems that the way we have tried to approach networks, media, practice, and theory, lead toward. Galloway (More)
Music Streaming Revenues Overtake CD Sales In The U.S.
In the US income from music streaming passes income from CD sales... More)
Symposium Week 10
Barabási: Nature normally hates power laws. In ordinary systems all quantities follow bell curves, and correlations decay rapidly, obeying exponential laws. But all that changes if the system is forced to undergo a phase transition. Then power laws (More)
Reading 10
The big Lev Manovich: Manovich, Lev. “Database as Symbolic Form”. Database Aesthetics: Art in the Age of Information Overflow. Vesna, Victoria, ed. Minneapolis: University Of Minnesota Press, 2007. Print. 39-60. (More)
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