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‘The Role of the Critic’ - Final Recap
I have come to learn over the semester that the critic has many roles. It’s their professional opinion that is valued, it should be understood and also to a degree be persuasive. It is essential that the critic has a great understanding of their text (More)
Week 8 Update
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Australian Film critic, payed us a kind visit on Monday of week nine to run a lil workshop! We wrote reviews of the 2014 Australian short film I’m You, Dickhead. Alex helped us through the process of note-taking while watch (More)
Week 9 Update
Monday morning met us with a slightly daunting task of having our reviews on the short films read to the class. Alex showed us each film again before reading out each one aloud to the class. Reading aloud and seeing your words on the big screen is so (More)
The Pitching Party -Wk 7
Monday Mid-day Pitch session! It was made into a real life pitch sesh (mmhmm I went there) because Alexia brought with her donuts! She did promise this to happen however in my head I was thinking sure; I'll happily accept your classic Coles cinnam (More)
The Week Six Recap
Monday’s class saw us discussing the definition of a curator. We analysed how it has changed over time. It doesn’t solely refer to art gallery or museum curators anymore, now any individual can be a curator online using a blog, website or Instagram; (More)
Melbourne International Film Festival
And suddenly we are a month into the semester. This week has been a highlight so far. Our class on Monday was spent sifting through our works in progress for the assignment. Analysing our own work deeper allowing us to see ourselves as a critic an (More)
Week 6 Lectorial- Collaboration and Group Work
This lectorial followed on very nicely from the Week 5 readings regarding collaboration. Rachel Wilson spoke clearly about the difficulties that come with working in groups but also the possibility of creating something impressive. One thing that she (More)
Week 7- Project Brief 3
Found Sound: Found Footage: More)
Week 7- Tutorial
Monday morning madness, Today we had a film festival style class in which we viewed each others creations. It was obvious as we went through the class's different approaches and interpretations of the task that we have a very talented, creative an (More)
Week 8 -Tutorial
On this Monday morning, the class came together and got into our groups to start discussing our final assignment. Georgia and I started to brainstorm 'Audience' and the possible directions we could take. Project Brief 4 is now starting to become clea (More)
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