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Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 6
The second activity of Week 2 is to shoot a set of 8 videos responding to 'word'. This activity reminded me of a survey I did a few days ago about Vietnamese youths' attitudes towards English loanwords use in Vietnamese. Hence, I immediately associat (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 4
The workshop activity of this week is 'study about an artist, photographer or filmmaker to get inspired'. I follow a lot of people who work in different creative fields, but this time I decided to study more about some artists I know personally. They (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 5
After getting inspired by my sister and her partner's work, I did some further research on the relation between our sensory system and imaginations. Luckily, I found 'The arts and the creation of mind' by Elliot Eisner has a lot of answers to my ques (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 3
During today's class, I watched Night Cries by Tracey Moffatt with attention to images that articulate time, history, and memory. Right from the beginning, the sound effect triggered an uneasy feeling that lingered throughout the film. Taking notes w (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 1
While previous vlogs only took me 2 to 3 days, it took me 1 week to finally finish editing my Saigon trip vlog. Since Hanoi imposed lockdown, I took advantage of the time I had on my hands to test out new editing tricks and features of Premiere Pro. (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. // Post 2
When I heard about photogénie in class, I had a hard time pinpointing its meaning. After several films and readings, while I still couldn't give a concrete definition, I may have grasped the spirit of the term. First mentioned by Louis Delluc, later (More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // A4 What Was Left Unsaid
What Was Left Unsaid from Media Factory on Vimeo.     Please make sure you are logged into an RMIT Googl (More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // Assignment 4
Click any of the links below to be directed to the relevant blog posts: WHAT WAS LEFT UNSAID REFLECTION More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // A2 Film Reflection
I am quite happy with the result of this assignment, and I think The Mug uses genre in the most noticeable and meaningful way of any of my work for this class yet. One thing in particular I think this might be impacted by is the use of sound effects (More)
(De/Re)constructing Genre // Assignment 2
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