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Social Media Publishing – Week 10 (online) Lecture
Introduction In week 10 as part of Assignment 3, we continue to take a closer at Instagram, in preparation for writing the report. In week 10 you will focus on the publishing part of making media for publication on Instagram. The readings continue (More)
Social Media Authoring – Week 9 (online) Lecture
Welcome to the last section of the course Networked Media and the beginning of the Assignment 3 REPORT. From week 9 to 12 the focus will be on completing an investigation into the course prompt through an engagement with More)
Networked Video – Week 8 (online) Lecture
In week 8 we continue to contextualise the terms ‘video’ and ‘network’ in the course prompt, by looking at networked video practices. SOC 2014 - The Motion Picture Camera: Past, Present and Future from More)
Networked Photography – Week 7 (online) Lecture
Continuing with Assignment 2, week 7 focuses on Networked Photography. The readings for week 7: Palmer, D 2014 ‘Mobile Media Photography’, in The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media, (eds) Goggin G., Hjorth L., Routledge, New York pp. 249–55. (More)
Analogue Video – Week 6 (online) Lecture
Continuing with Assignment 2, week 6 focuses on Analogue Video. The readings for week 6 Lister, M et al 2009, New Media: A Critical Introduction. Routledge, New York. (Section: 1.2.1 Digital pp. 16-21) Spielmann, Y., 2007. Video: The Reflexi (More)
Videos to watch for week 3 lecture:
Slide 11: How the Internet Was Invented | The History of the Internet, Part 1 Slide 14: The internet is not the web Slide 1 (More)
Videos  to watch for week 2 lecture:
Slide 5 - User-centered Design Don Norman Slide 8 - Affordances Slide 9 - Affordance Definition: Affordance - Intro to the Design of Everyday Things Slide 12 - Affordances (Udacity) Slide 15 - What is AFFORDANCE? What does (More)
Lecture Week 12
This semester really has been a roller coaster!  The areas that I've struggled most in, which are quite shoc (More)
Lecture Week 11
Unfortunately, I was absent from this weeks lecture.  According to the lecture notes, it was about the decline of broadcast television and the rapid rise of online streaming services (focusing on Netflix). One of the main points in the lecture notes (More)
Lecture Week 10
This week we had ANOTHER guest lecture!  It's like Christmas!!!  We had Kyla Brettle speak to us about how to create a good audio piece. A look into the future: Media 1 Lecture Week 12 The best piece of advice, in my opinion, is to take audio a (More)
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