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#12 Lectorial
  This week we were focussing more on wrapping up the entire course, considering how it was our very last lectorial. We were ins (More)
#10: Sound
We were introduced to the magic of sound during lectorials this week. I never really was very interested in audio, choosing to focus more on video and graphics etc. Needless to say, I was pretty hesitant about this week's lectorial. Kyla Brettle g (More)
#9 Lectorial
This week in our lectorials we had Rachel talk to us about collaborative work. I've had my fair share of group projects up until today, and i think it's only an enjoyable process if you happen to be blessed with like minded individuals. We've all (More)
Lectorial #6
This week we had another guest speaker, Paul Ritchard. He spoke to us about the more specific details that we had to take note of when interviewing talents or even shooting with a crew. There was mention about using a performance release form and (More)
The Art of a Good Interview
Lectorial this week was different.. We were given a guest speaker for the first half. I'm not good with names, I'm more of a faces kind of person so for the life of me I cannot remember her's. I think it was Louis or something? But anyway, she's the (More)
Newport's Law
According to Cal Newport, " Follow your dreams" is so 5 years ago. OK, I don't literally mean he said that exactly but that's what i got from the 20 minute video that we watched in this week's lectorial. This is the scene in class right now: Eve (More)
Pulling Apart and Stitching Together
For week 3's lectorial, we were discussing about editing. Liam mentioned that editing was more of breaking things apart to create new meaning by stitching them together... I thought that was a very poetic way to think about editing but I haven't been (More)
Week 1
Of or relating to week 1's topic, is a little buzzfeed video ( yes I know, cue the groans ) on attention spans. Obviously, this isn't some in depth analysis, neither is it very educational but it IS something isn't it? As you can see, I'm still t (More)
Media Noticing: Week 2
So during the lectorial, we were given places around the area to go and notice the different forms of media around us that we would normally just brush off or walk by. My group and I was given Bourke Street Mall and immedietely, we were overwhelme (More)
Week 8 | Good Form Studio Weekly Update
This week in our studio, we were left to our own devices as most of us are either closing in on the pre-production or starting filming. My group, Shriekers, sat in a meeting with the updated scripts for a table read to gauge the length of the scripts (More)
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