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Final Week with the International Jobs crew
After five or so hectic weeks of finding guests, stalking them (legally) and schmoozing to the bones, our More)
I\'m a Media graduate, get me out of here!
It\'s been an interesting journey so far of \'team leaders\' being throned and de-throned, transforming the group to a democracy. Though perhaps the most challenging aspect of the organisation process for me so far was the communication with the gues (More)
IntJobs Week #4
  This week starts off grind time for Team International Jobs, with all group members allocated to respo (More)
MEDIA INDUSTRIES: Final Reflections
As always, regardless of how well organised and prepared you think you may be, there are always little things that stray from the original plan, go horribly wrong, or take longer than expected than the original allocated timeframe.  Thankfully, major (More)
Korsakow Film Major Project
Film Title: \'Luna Park\' Group Members: Rebecca Skilton s3431385 Monika Stojanovska s3433807 Boglarka Marffy s3431698 Link to K-film: http://www.t (More)
Intertwingling : it\'s a funny sounding word.
I\'ll tell you now, the only association the title above has with the content of this blog is that it broadly refers to the fact that all of the networked media is connected in some way,shape or form... I won\'t lie,  I found the unlecture rather (More)
Just another awesome blog on rules and regulations.
This week\'s reading on protocol I found primarily interesting due to its subtle rebuttal (interesting choice of words when reading aloud) of the general consensus that is: the internet is some kind of a chaotic, uncontrollable sea of waves ( at last (More)
Integrated Media- Sketch Essay (Assignment #2)
A hyper textual framework motivates the structural format of Korsakow Film. Such Films encourage the audience to uniquely engage and extract an interpretation based upon an individualized experience with the database- like film. As Adrian Miles sugge (More)
Bienvenue à Montréal
Speaks for itself! (More)
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