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Our Korsakow film explores the limits of – and the sensation of – addiction. We ask the question, ‘what is addiction?’ In particular, we are questioning the limits of what defines ‘addiction’. Our film is inspired by Darren Aronofsky’s signature styl (More)
Wk 2 Sketch Task - 2.1 - Light
“For the image is, intrinsically and deeply, only about light”, Media Factory blog.   IMG 3890 from Kim Olney on VimeoMore)
Wk 3.3 Sketch Task - Something Fast (several takes)
Flow Feather from Kim Olney on Vimeo. (More)
Korsakow - Short Film & Critical Statement
Myself and a team of students that are undertaking Integrated Media 1 have produced a short Korsakow film, More)
Korsakow - Sketch Film
I have authored my very first K-film, formally known as Korsakow, which has been adapted from Korsakoff\'s Syndrome (early on-set (More)
K-film Major Project Minutes - ‘I, Object’
Since developing our major K-film group in week eight, we met weekly to discuss the project. Minutes were documented in order to set weekly goals, to document our discussions as well as record our progress. Below are the minutes that More)
W1 Sketch Task 1.0
The video sketch tasks were supposed to be taken from my home, although I went camping for a few days so Golden Plains was my home-base. Day time tree dazing from my clammy, mold stained tent - Dissatisfaction. More)
W1 Sketch Task - 1.1
I found an octopus man while I watched you stir.   IMG 3838 from Kim Olney on Vimeo. (More)
W1 Sketch Task - 1.2
The Ferris wheel acts as timepiece as sundown moves closer. IMG 3845 from Kim Olney on Vimeo. (More)
W1 Sketch Task - 1.3
Allurement beneath the smut. IMG 3819 from Kim Olney on Vimeo. (More)
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