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Of Politics and Poetics - The Art Of Persuasion
Can something be both political and poetic? Politics is not just the domain of politicians and governments. Politics is also about what is of importance to an individual, and “talking politically” is about persuading, informing and creating commu (More)
dear my friends
Dear my friends, we have recently celebrated my 21st birthday together. It was a very meaningful day for me, being surrounded by all of you. We have known each other for a shockingly long amount of time. which makes our friendship all the more spe (More)
Screenwriting | Initiative
This week, I started to watch the YouTube channel 'Lessons from the screenplay' and fell in love w (More)
ARRIVAL (2016) I saw Arrival on Saturday and I went in with zero knowledge about the film other than: aliens I hadn't seen the trailer. In fact, I just saw it for the first time just now as I looked for a link (More)
I like the idea of looking at media as a way of sending a message and triggering an experience. I reflected on the type of media that I make (eg: my YouTube videos) and decided th (More)
This week's reading ('Blood in the Gutter') was interesting to me because although I'm not big on reading comics, the ideas it covered particularly the idea of gaps between panels, also related to the way movies and television shows are edited. We ta (More)
In 'Clarity of the Craftsman', Cal Newport defines the 'passion mindset' as: focusing on what the world can offer you. It reminded me of this video: You develop a sense of entitlement when you start focusing on what (More)
As I said in my previous post, I was quite overwhelmed by how many things you have to think about when you interview someone. For example, you have to build a (More)
To me, privacy has always been about controlling what people see and what people don't see of you. Maybe it's because I grew up in a time where I don't remember the internet not existing and I've been on that public sphere most of my life. There was (More)
This week's reading talks about humans being now fully separated from animals. We once used to see them as beings with their own agency but over time we have come to control them, seeing ourselves as more powerful over them. We have stuffed toy lions (More)
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