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/ Reflection - Project Brief 3 - Media Portrait /
For this assessment we were required to use the Sony Camcorder, hired from RMIT's Media AV Services Department. I found this camera relatively easy to use as I have had some experience with other cameras (More)
Television Cultures - Blog Post #5 (Reflection)
Having taken a weekly note of my television viewing habits, it becomes evident that I am not a heavy television viewer. Despite my ef (More)
Television Cultures - Blog Post #4
For years, researchers have studied television audiences and viewing preferences. Advertisers, commercial broadcasters and even government policy makers care about audiences as they are the individuals who will bring profit to the industry. These ‘co (More)
Television Cultures - Blog Post #3
What do you get when you cross a group of mid-twenties, female New Yorkers and Lena Dunham’s real life experiences? That’s right, the comedy-drama Girls, starring Lena Dunham, herself, as the main character, Hannah Horvath. Girls is an American te (More)
blog #68: part one, the bachelor & dating shows
Being someone who loves reality television, the focus for week 10 was reality television with a specific focus on shows such as The Bachelor, Unreal and Candid Camera. Reality television can best be described as “the ‘entertaining real’… ‘authentic’ (More)
blog #67: part two, transnational programs
Transnational television can best be described as a concept, program or idea that takes different forms (Chalaby, 2005). Many existing formats have gone transnational and have worked: for example, cross-border satellite TV channels, international and (More)
blog #66: part three, my television habits
If someone was to ask me to record my television habits before commencing my Television Cultures course at the start of this semester, I would have given them a weird look and asked them why it was important I had done that. What I hadn’t put much th (More)
Television Cultures – Blog Post #2 (Scheduling and Masterchef)
We often tend to overlook the power of scheduling even though the concept of it is right in front of us every evening, when we sit down to watch television at dinnertime. “The television schedule is a form of media temporality that simultaneously (More)
Television Cultures - Blog Post #1 (Deadset)
When reality television and zombies combine, the British television show ‘Deadset’ comes into play. The show is essentially a spoof on reality TV set both on the inside and outside world of the UK version of ‘Big Brother’. A zombie apocalypse rocks B (More)
blog #63: homecoming
So after my amazing 3 week holiday to North and Central America, I\'m back in gloomy old Melbourne - where the sun never shines and rain is aplenty. My first day of semester 2 at RMIT consisted of a session for my studio class Character as well as a (More)
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