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Exhibition Reflection
We had our Film Light exhibition last week and I think it is a great opportunity to see our work exhibited on a big screen in a theatre room like that. The screening enables me to discover more details which I would not notice clearly during the prod (More)
Studio Reflection
In what ways do you hope your screenings/exhibited/screened work (whether individual or group produced) engaged its audience and communicated a key concern of the studio?  I hope our work really communicated our interest into colour temperat (More)
What a Ride! // Film Light // Assignment 5
So on the 22nd of October at 4 pm (intended starting time), Film Light hosted their studio screening of either both or the second piece of work created for our Assignment 4 submission. The prompt of said assignment was to choose any aspect of lightin (More)
Film Light - Assignment 4
Reflection 7 Reflection 8 More)
Film Light - Reflection 11
After receiving the feedbacks from our last pitch, Crystal, Karen, Trevor and I decided to only focus on one mood instead of three. We both agreed that we want to do "Horror/Thriller" and we would shoot both indoor and outdoor to include more scenes. (More)
Film Light - Reflection 10
In exercise 9, we created a scene called “Emmaline nightmare”. We used a red colour gel on a fresenel lamp to evoke the atmosphere of "nightmare" and dreamy effect. From my point of view, I do not really like the colour red because it is a scene of t (More)
Film Light - Reflection 9
We watched some clips in class and I wanted to talk about one of them. Ascenseur pour l’echafaud (1958) Lift to the gallows This is a black and whit (More)
Film Light - Reflection on the presentation
I choose to reflect on Conor, Julie and Teresa' presentation as they were experimenting with dual contrasting colours which shares similarity with what we experimented with colours. My group was basically using different colours and lighting sources (More)
Film Light - Reflection 8
exercise 16, we experimented with a Night Interior to create a night scene with a small table lamp. However, the light from the lamp which was enough bright to light up the scene was too bright in the camera. And if we adjusted the lens aperture to m (More)
Film Light - Reflection 7
In exercise 5 and 8, I notice that exposure matters a lot to the shooting. Overexposure can be very distracting. In exercise 8, I feel that the sunlight in the background cannot be fixed simply as there was a big amount of light all over outside the (More)
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