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Cats Documentary Research
Mitsuaki Iwagō, a Japanese filmmaker shooting cats documentary. His work only has one character, cats all over the world. Without any lights or tripods, he lies on the ground to shoot cats (More)
Overall Set Report - Three Nights of Filming
At the end of all our shoot dates we acquired sufficient footage to create our music video. Looking back one thing I would change would be the number of days spent shooting. We filmed on three separate dates. One outdoor shoot and two studio shoots. (More)
Week 12 Crisis
It\'s week 12. Since it doesn\'t seem like I will be able to schedule another filming with the participants before the end of the semester, I will have to look for other ways of exploring montage. Some things that I associate with montages: man (More)
Future of the Project
I hope that although Film 3 has draw to a close I will continue to think of vignettes and to potentially even shoot some. I think it’s a project of worth, one with a theme that I find fascinating. I think that with more time I will place a greater em (More)
Future Vignette Ideas
Here is a sample of some vignettes I had started working on to varying degrees: Interviewing a scientist Or at least someone whose profession means they can talk on a scientific or theoretical level about how we perceive the image we see in the m (More)
Colour Grading Experiment
Naomi My initial concern for these shots was that the blacks weren’t very rich black. It made it quite easy to tell that the black cardboard I used (More)
Brother Editing
When editing Brother I ran into what Robin described as a ‘good’ problem. This so-called problem was conveying subjectivity and when to shift away from my subjectivity in the vignette. The beginning of the vignette is from my subjectivity; unbeknowns (More)
This vignette is another portrait of sorts. It’s a compilation of a number of things that I got Naomi to participate in, each linked to another vignette (real or possible). I got Ollie and Naomi over on a Friday night and got them to participate in a (More)
Production Lesson
getting to work with lighting is something I was quite interesting in learning about I’ve only really had a little bit of experience working with DEDOs but it was great to learn a bit about working with a key light and in particular various ways of a (More)
In class I utilised Ed to assist in editing and to use him as a test audience for the content I had already begun to assemble. I find that I lack the attention to detail that is required to be a successful editor and I often find that I struggle to p (More)
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