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Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Week 1 #5
When the first class we watched D.W Griffith’s film, I didn't realize that those were innovative in that era. That was the first time I heard the concept of parallel editing, but maybe because it is normal in today’s movies, I didn’t think it was a c (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Week 1 #4
The first week we also focused on one keyword which was “close-up”. Personally, I think close-up is a very attractive way of framing.Audiences can jump out of the whole plot to just understand a frame alone, or they can realize the development of a s (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Week 1 #3
In week 1 we got a concept which is photogénie. To be honest, I can't clearly explain the meaning of this word even so far.  It should be said that this thing can be understood but cannot be said. In Epstein’s article,  “On Certain Characteristics of (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Week 1 #2 For the activity this week, I used two days to shoot two totally different weather. In fact, this weekend there is typhoon weather in shanghai, so the last is the blue sky and the next day becomes windy. It is because (More)
Experiment. Screen. Sensation. Week 1 #1
For some technical reasons, I didn't join the Wednesday session, so I have to watch the recording. For the film ‘Le Tempestaire’, I didn't like it when the first time I watched the recording (but i don’t hate it). I think the character of a wind heal (More)
Real or Fake Colour influences our mind, what you are seeing right now maybe just a fake world. In the short film, some of the screens will single colour combine with the sound to build chaos, between what colour is real or fake. When I workin (More)
12.3 - SP2 Synopsis
YUMENO, a translation of ‘OF A DREAM’ in Japanese, is an experimental short film by Leanne Sta Ana about a transcendental experience of love that is destined to be forgotten — as all dreams are. When a girl finds love in a dream, we witness her memor (More)
PROCESS + OUTCOME In the first three weeks of developing SP2, I focused on the research component to contextualise my ideas and translate conventions of film noir into my piece. Although I strayed away (More)
PRESS KIT Files (More)
TECH DEVELOPMENT + PROGRESS GREEN SCREEN When I tried to film my green screen as an experiment in a previous blog post, the uneven lighting made it difficult (More)
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