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A Brief Report on Two Doco Films I. The Film on A thing: Brain - Blurred Boundary The Process: Choose the subject: Brain. Write a list on the topic of “Brain”. Choose one topic in the list to expand and write up another list: “Blurred (More)
ACTIVITY: Wandering ACTION: A swinging of the leg pendulum, muscle, toes, shoes, skins, evolution, gravity, kinetic energy, potential energy, arc, instinct.   What would it take to achieve? kinetic energy potential energy muscle (More)
calculation, cells, shape, bones, memory, b, nervous system, electrical charges, psychology, philosophy, decision, action, layers, creativity, sanity, insanity, sentiments, biology, feelings, reason, anxiety, organic, hemisphere, frontal lobe, pariet (More)
I just discovered a song that is in the form of a list, which is used to describe the No.10 subway in the songwriter's hometown. The Sorrow of Subway No.10 - Hua Zhou (More)
This Was Meant To Be The(!) Reflection But I Got Lost
In the beginning this studio was a blur, a slap in the face to the comfortable life. Adrian dropped statement after statement questioning this or that, things we’ve become accustomed to – stories, anthropocentrism, agency – buzzwords that would event (More)
Final EoN Notes (big fat sad face)
Triage - doctors, Google Google algorithm is based on the internet being a meshwork, not a hierarchy (not based on traffic) - the most links into the site = the higher the rank in a search. Determined by relationality. Relations confer the (More)
Intimate Glimpses #WIP8 (Consultation)
I need to narrow down my points! After going through a number of consultations through out the semester and all my ideas/concepts are very broad! I tend to overthink and over analyse stuff. Note to self before next consultation: Narrow down! Feedb (More)
Self-Participation Assessment
What I've learnt to do better/ What I have done well. I am more aware of the relations of things and the agencies it holds - Throughout the semester I've watched documentaries such as- Cowsipracy, The True Cost, Minimalism. These are all environme (More)
What have I done well? attend class/pay attention and blogging, academic reading What have I learnt to do better? Writing and critical thinking What could I have done better? Working in a group/communication MARK: Mid-distinction (More)
Intimate Glimpses #WIP7 (Writing)
Object ( Iphone )  The aim of this video is to explore the relationship between humans and their phone. I’ve listed down a list of application that I’ve stalled in my phone. I then highlight the frequently used application. The list reflects w (More)
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