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Whistling (Optimistically) into the Wind
Studio presentation day. VERY IMPORTANT (so felt like Donald Trump yelling that in upper case). Every studio has 8 minutes piece. This may involve a 5 minute section that the students talk over and the other 3 minutes is video with audio or, some c (More)
List of Some That Came to Matter
This is my curated list of top blog posts from the semester. Remember, this is my list, so it is not what I think are the most intelligent ones, but the ones I use as (hard) evidence of the 'soft' experience of the studio. This is also an example of (More)
The Futures
This comes via my inbox: But what is it employers want? If we accept the argument that jobs are transforming faster than ever before and many of our graduates will be in jobs that don’t even exist today, how are we to prepare them? For us, part of (More)
Studio Pitch more information via More)
Studio 22
We read and answered the questions that arose from the road map. Then used the cold, ulcers, and childcare as examples to think about: What is it to think (More)
Quiet Gatherings
Mel wins best photo. Great part of Victoria. Sam has another good (More)
Thursday, Participation Assessment
Reminder, this Thursday in the studio we will do the participation self assessment. (More)
Homo Faber
A Flounder on the FloorPeter van der Sluijs( (More)
Just wanted to follow up after our crit session with Paul Ritchard and Sophie Langley. I was talking with both of them yesterday (in a posthumanism research group - the whacky things we do) and they raised again with me how much they enjoyed and were (More)
Brief 4 Q and A
Question: Do the two personal films for Brief 4 need to be linked or related? Answer: No. They can, of course, but don't have to. (More)
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