Virtual Tour shenags

A brief post about the Virtual Tour group shenanigans!

In my previous post concerning Ghosts of Building 20: The Virtual TourI elaborated on the fact that my main job was mostly initial research and on-the-day photography shoots. I did all of the back-up panoramas using Linh’s trusty iPhone 6 and I did I say shaking? I recognised that my default is a total pivot-less idiot so contorting my body 180 degrees to get the full shot was a bit harassing. In any case, what I really found enjoyable and a learning experience is finding the best spot to do the panorama of large rooms (courtroom, in this project), an L-shaped courtyard that was ridiculously awkward at first try, and dark interiors. Did someone say post-production?

I’m keen on the final product and how everything’ll turn out.