It’s a tad bit hard to post photos whilst living the nomadic life, but let me beguile y’all anyway with some of the things I’ve learnt so far.

American water tastes like melted ice cubes, and I’ve had no choice but to drink it by the gallons. Their tavern pizza can feed three grown adults and it’s slightly terrifying, everyone is super nice, I’m pretty sure Bridge to Terabithia was filmed in Massachusetts because dang flippin gorgeous, and SEAFOOD. It is cheap and I like it to infinity and beyond the borders. Apparently in some seasons, you can buy lobsters for two dollars a pound. A pound. And though I’m still not familiar with their metric system (why the heck do they have 25 cents and 1 cent and they are identified by names like what are you, dogs?), that is still heavier than your average kilo.

Also, you may or may not be gaining some weight. You’ll most likely be plateauing since you eat a lot but you also walk a lot, which is nice, I guess. Note to self: arrive in America weighing your best so you don’t feel like you have to be all Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj and beauty and the beat all them fries gains.

Tomorrow we drive to the “New”‘s: Jersey and the York so this post is probably going to follow a pretentious one but whatever.

Still don’t know why everyone has Apple Sauce,

Something intelligible (I hope)

Semester 2 blues! Ah yes, when the flu season has arrived with wanton coughing, free sniffing’s and much much non-sleeping because you simply cannot breathe…you know the great last half of the year has finally arriiivveeeed. I’m spinning around in my chair.


Because this semester is about to go haywire out-of-the-loop as I will be joining my (currently) non-existent American pals for an adventure of a lifetime: a student exchange in a far off land, thousands of km’s away from my private space, semi-private-semi-shared bathroom with only two of the messiest, non-cleaning brothers of all time (let’s see how you both will cope without me cleaning the toilette this time), and the littlest of sisters to both annoy and dance out loud to Little Mix’s Black Magic because yes, I have wingardium leviosa’d their song in my 2015 Party in the USA playlist because it’s freakin’ catchy, okay?!

But without the judgementals and ze parentals, this grand adventure will be taking off in two days! And don’t worry, I’ll be updating y’all, fellow media students and poor internet readers who somehow stumbled upon this confusion of a blog o’ mine about how I will feel about eating my first ever NYC bagel, how I will meet Mickey and potentially cry, how I will never bump with a celebrity, and how I will go about in cheering for my favourite Falcons in a “college football” game I know nothing about.

Oh, this will be SAH.MUCH.FUN.

toodles for now~