A visit across: State Library

I’m going to be frank. My visits to the State Library usually involve me trying to catch up with somebody to exchange filmic idea and progress. And throw in the use of their public space and free wi-fi of course. I remember Project 51* met up there a while back to work on a short video for someone’s Dux speech and it was my first ever download and use of Adobe Premier Pro.

So when the Ghosts of RMIT team sat inside their “tutorial” rooms and were taught database, I had a moment of re-assessment of my State Library use. I got myself a library card.

The State Library is a rich source for Victorian-specific information. Articles from newspapers, journals and books, file clippings, photographs and images are all available if you simply know how to use its database a.k.a the search button. I know that even with the RMIT catalogues I am still very much a novice, but I’m thankful to have learnt of the resources that the State Library has to offer. And with Abigail Belfrage lending a helping hand with her guiding light, I am even more challenged to access the State Library’s resources for future research.

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