Final Tutorial reflection

Much the same as the last couple weeks. This week I focused on finding some found footage to include in our project brief to add some drama.

The beginning of this sequence was something that I thought may be an interesting avenue as it is quick paced and instantly makes you want to engage with the content. This video illustrates the power of editing, something that our group has just started to undertake. Not having much experience regarding editing this it is a very interesting aspect of our project brief. Other members in my group seem to understand the editing process far better than myself, which is a great thing — being able to learn from my team members. Some sequences I have found become far less awkward after editing, which was one of my major concerns coming into this project brief. I am very satisfied with how our group project has been coming along, I feel we were able to explore all our ideas, I also feel there was very even contribution throughout the process of creation.

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