Project 1-Reflection Peer Portrait

Although it comparison to the pieces by others I have heard, I am quietly proud of how much I have accomplished in these two short weeks, in regards to my knowledge and ability to function and work with a software that is totally new to me, Reaper.

My main aim for this project, was to demonstrate a basic understanding of the software, and that I have a grasp of the essential editing techniques that I can base myself off and improve as the semester goes on.

I wanted to associate sounds to the stories Ellie was telling, to creature a ‘feature-istic’ aspect to the piece and to show, as well as demonstrate how I am able to adjust levels and work on the transitions. The sound effects and music were all found on royalty free websites, and were meant to enhance the mood and create a piece that was more than just speaking.

My cuts were very rough and my transitions weren’t always smooth. If I could re-do it, I would perhaps asks questions that would give a more emotional response, although Ellie was very comfortable with her tone and answers, which made it easier for me as the producer to cut and edit elements that I wanted to use. I would have loved to have focused purely on her grandfather’s story, as I thought it was captivating

The sonic framework of the piece is very intimate, as Ellie tells the listener of her past, and events that were memorable to her.

The narration was all improvised and in-studio interview was used.

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