Week 10 reading

Lev Manovich- ‘Database as a symbolic form’

Forget about just businesses having databases, the computer is the single thing with, what I can imagine, has the largest date base-“a structured collection of data”.

Databases and narratives, the connection between the two kind of contradict one another.

The definition of a narrative, from what I have come to know is a story, a series of events that are somehow connected and progress

A database contains a narrative but not the story itself, it relies on the uses engagement with the narrative to prove how well the database works?
I thought the reading was extremely determinist-explaining that the computer determines a lot of what we know and understand in society.
Databases are random and narrative are linear and have causual effect- which kind of explains when he mentions that they are the opposites…yet somehow have something to do with eachother??

All the information that exists on the internet is still able to somehow be destroyed- but not by us ( I can only assume)
I think I need to properly engage with this reading as a lot of its content is vital to this course, so i will be returning to this reading in the near future!

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