UNlecture Week 10

A few things I took from this week’s lecture:

-Today’s model of media is the exact opposite of what it once was. There is an inversion that is going on in all aspects- especially now the Internet is so highly used and accessible. A perfect way of explaining this was well put by Adrian, “Its not Kansas anymore” – all the models are reversed.

-Protocols determine the types of structures and the structure redefines the content

-“The internet is scale free”-Adrian Miles. This meaning it doesn’t have barriers, it will never fill up, it is endless so to speak, which in my opinion is both kind of cool yet very scary! And then this links to the idea of preferential attachment- linking to blogs, linking to other things, everything is linked yet everything also makes the internet expand.

-HUBS are condensely connected people, the glue that keeps groups together, by definition have weak connection- eg. Link to Google, rmit, but when these things are connected, you end up with a small world network. It is easy to get to one part to an unrelated other part, there is structure present, no one knows what it is until it emerges.

-A big show is aired at 7 PM because this is when there is the largest audience number! It doesn’t really matter what it is because there will always be viewers! This is applicable to what time you put a photo up on instagram or a status on facebook- around the 8 o’clock mark, everyone has finished their dinner and probably just sitting on the couch with a phone in one hand, the remote on their laps and their laptops in front of them, making it prime time to get likes which, lets face it, is why we put posts up anyway…for people to see them.

-The Oracle of Bacon

Degrees of separation- weak connections but they are still tied together.
This got me thinking, what if I was to create one for me, would it come up with something like, Bob’s dog, the pet shop owner from which he was bought from was engaged to a man who once went on a first date with my auntie’s best friend’s cousins piano teacher who’s daughter is my best friend??

It makes you think, the broader context around how technologies are utilised by groups. Facebook is an ideal example of this. For people, businesses, corporate individuals, groups, events, basically any context you can think of, has some sort of support by or use of facebook by means of communication.

-Writing and SMS, things that have fundamentally changed and externalised knowledge to store it for later use

-Apple is the worlds largest media company- not technology company

-Technological determinist-what are the affordances of technology vs. what can I do with it? A film is rectangular not circular- it is not your decision. Everything is defined for me, I can write what I want- no I cant, it has to be legible, there are codes that are to be followed. This is techno determinism- culture matters but it also creates and sets boundaries
Subject to the technical rules- the techno determinism, what it determines an what determines IT.
In media studies, we forget about the technology of our media, we think of the meaning

“Technology develops technology”- New inventions, and techniques are a consequence of new technology, new operating systems.

And the scariest thing from this week, “We are bathing in wifi, tv signals, radio signals, fluro lights, telephone signals, secret surveillance signals, it is running through us…You are never technologically free! No culture nature technology distinction”!!

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