Reflectors, Diffusers and Flags

Lighting can create a range of different effects, which I have explored throughout my investigation. But there are several ways to improve these lights, whether its natural or artificial. In this post I hope to explore the use of reflectors, diffusers and flags in film and how they are presented on screen.

Reflectors are great if you’re wanting to fill in the shadows and/or highlight the “natural” light or artificial light source on the character you’re aiming at.


A diffuser is used to soften and smooth the image on the screen. It is used with the light source on the object and/or individual is too hard.


A flag (which in my research finally realised what this was called) is used to block the light and deepen the shadows using a black card or ‘flags’. This particular object is used primarily for blocking the sun or natural light coming from inside the window or outside use. This would only be used inside if you were wanting to use artificial lighting to create an even balance.


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