Natural Lighting

The film definition of “Natural lighting” is:
Nature’s illumination: daylight, even on interiors. The term implies that the source is not artificial.

This particular lighting is my personal favourite as it depicts “no” artificial lights were used in order to create the particular setting of the scene. I used the film Shawshank Redemption in a previous blog post to highlight the use of it with the shot from Andy Dufrense cell.


In this particular lighting investigation I am using the romantic comedy film The Notebook as it used a lot of outdoor shots to express a particular emotion at that time of the film. Each of the shots below represent a natural lighting effect where no artificial lighting was added.




In picture 1. It represents natural lighting through the trees surrounding the two characters Noah and Allie. This would have most likely been shot in raw and had the natural lighting edited in editing software. It has the effect of the sun not able to pass the trees but is still able to light the setting. Usually representing midday low lighting

In picture 2. A clear example of natural lighting of the “sun behind the cloud” hence the blue grey coloured representation. Slight lighting is reflected off the top of the characters heads.

In picture 3. We are presented with a natural sun glow from above the character of Noah.

In picture 4. Just like picture 2 the sun is behind the cloud but this shot is representing it is nearing the end of the day.

Natural lighting is used to convey a particular emotion throughout this film. It can also be perceived by a natural street light or even the light represented from the moon itself.


This shot is from the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.It depicts a front house light as the natural light source on Harry and Dumbledore. It can be seen as a key light effect with a diffuser on it but obviously editing has gone into making this shot look very warm and fuzzy. I used this example of  natural light as it is something that is already in shot. Although yes it is an artificial light source it is in fact natural as it was already in the setting of the shot.


moonlight-night--large-msg-117807345376 This is a very good example of natural lighting in the night. The moon although dark at night its white and dominant light source can create a key light effect on a person/object seen in the shot. This shot I have presented with the moon is bouncing off the water giving a bright reflection. As it does this it has also created a very strong backlight which has caused the trees or branches in the shot to be all black figures.



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