Film and TV1 – Rolling response

In 300 words or less describe what you thought worked or didn’t. At this stage we don’t expect you to have a great deal of film knowledge or language. Don’t be afraid to use your own words. Things you could talk about – script, casting, timing, camera movement, location. You may not remember much detail, if so, it could be helpful to talk about your first impressions, after all this is what most of us are left with after one viewing.

I really enjoyed Rolling. I thought it was a simple idea well executed. The script was great in that it managed to give exactly enough information without feeling like there was exposition taking up precious time which I guess ties in with my impression of timing which I thought was really excellent.

Camera movement could use a little work, I thought the tracking shot at the very begging was a bit distracting, especially without control over the lighting of the set. I think the production design also could have benefited with a bit more thought, the signs were a little distracting – it wasn’t obvious whether they were meant to be written by the protagonist or his housemates.

I thought the casting of the guy was great, he conveyed the energy of the character really well. The girl was a little less convincing for me. I wasn’t quite sure exactly what she was trying to convey, whether she was trying to be super earnest or whether she was supposed to know exactly what was going on and toying with him.

Overall though I found it really enjoyable and very impressive. I’d be thrilled if our film was as effective!


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