From one social network to another

Today, like every day, I logged into my facebook and aimlessly scrolled through my newsfeed. I defiantly blocked ads from a product I have no interest in and continued to read. At some point I came to an article posted by a guy 4 years my junior, from a place I’ve never been in middle America; who I met through my brother’s best friend from Kansas City, who lived with my family for a couple of months a few years ago.

Anyway he’d quoted an article from the new york times which discussed the social impact of health. That people tend to put weight on/lose weight in clusters, are happier in clusters, are lonelier in clusters, are smokers in clusters/quit smoking in clusters. This introduced me to the concept of social networks pre-facebook days. Anyway it was a very interesting read and another excellent of example of networks and nature and the interconnectedness of our existence. I highly recommend reading it, you can find it here.

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