Books without Pages – Novels without Endings

“the possible plot possibilities, eliminating many of them and specifying appropriate choices or priorities for situations where the story pulls from multiple directions”

I’m so fascinating about this idea that I’m able to read stories that change its shape every time I read it. How can it even be possible? Thanks to hypertext and modern technologies, everything impossible seems so possible now. To be honest, I never experience such thing, maybe I’m too old school. It’s almost like the story interact with our mood, we can choose which direction we know it to go and drive it with our curiosity. Isn’t that wonderful?

I didn’t thought of using hypertext in such way. Applying hypertext to create open ended novels, page-less books bring reading to a whole new level. The stories just become so lively and real as they live up to the reader actions. Years ago, I think we could definitely call this a design fiction. A design fiction became real and made fictions no longer fictional.

However, I don’t think the general public will live with this “high-tech book” idea for so long. The readers will get lost in their own development direction, the authors will die, printing and traditional book reading will vanish. The author is no longer in position to control his/her work, they don’t even know how their stories will end, what situation the characters will be put in… Personally, I still prefer the one ended novels with signature touch of the authors. Isn’t that what novel meant to be? It’s about what the authors want to tell the reader and express their creative literacy by words.

Rather than using this model of high-tech to write up novels, we can use it in another niche. We can draw up possibilities of our own life with hypertext, turning novels to life prediction of  consequences. We can foresee how our life would be if we choose to do this instead of that. Develop and discover to find out the very best possible direction to drive our own life with hypertext-novel.