Reflection 2, question 2



In the reading by Pawel Pawlikowski, I’m very impressed with one of his points that making film is not about conveying objective information about the world, but to show it as he sees it and to find a form which relevant. I think it’s how filmmakers should put themselves at in order to make the films special and unique. It’s a great way to make the audience remember their films and their signature touches on the films.

Another interesting point that he makes in the reading is that TV is killing the documentary, even though the documentary needs TV for its survival. As I never thought about the other end of TV, it’s very interesting to realize what he says it’s actually true. Even myself, I didn’t consider documentary as film, but now as I study it, I know better about documentary and what it actually is.

Pawel Pawlikowski. In MacDonald, K & Cousins, M. Imagining reality, (p. 389-392). London: Faber & Faber, 1996.

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