Blow up


In this scene from the film “Blow Up”, Michelangelo Antonioni directed to use a variety of panning shots, from different angles, which follows the actor movement.


He uses tracking motions to follow up the actors walk through doors and up stairs. Varieties of different shots like top angle, side angle, etc are used in the scene at the studio. Camera movements such as tracking and panning also accompanied in those shots.


Use of track and focus pulling was used. As covered in the lecture, three persons will be by the camera, a camera operator, a focus puller and someone who pulls the camera across the tracks. The focus points will change as the subject moves, that’s why the focus puller is very important, as the subject will be out of focus at certain points during moving. The best example will be in shot where (2:08 – 2:32) Jane walks back and forth at the purple screen before Thomas pulled down. A panning movement with zooming in and out was used with its focus on Jane. The focus puller will have one point of focus as the camera zooms in when Jane is on the left and another focus point when Jane walks to the right.


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