The idea of Hypertext is now being analysed and explained once again. To be honest, this is the very first time I’ve actually learnt about the concept of hypertext rather than just knowing its definition as “text displayed on a computer display or other electronic device with references (hyperlinks) to other text which the reader can immediately access, or where text can be revealed progressively at multiple levels of detail”. It’s amazing how people invented this and make everything so easy to link and support each other in different ways only with one simple click on a blue underlined text.


It’s true to say that nowadays Hypertext appears everywhere, mentioned by everyone, even in this blog here, hypertext is being used as a helpful tool to reference the chapter I’ve read about hypertext. Hypertext or hyperlink is so popularly used in this era in which internet, smartphone and computer rule the world. But as it is now widely used around the world, accessible to everyone, privacy and security should be concerned. Nothing is really safe on the internet!


I also find an interesting blog about the hyperlink war  that shows another dark side of hypertext/hyperlink, that we need to reconsider before using and clicking, especially writers.

Dressing down, scrubbing up



As a part of my Broadcast Media homework, I came across an interesting piece of radio document from ABC 360 radio program about dressing issue of women leaving prison.

What should a woman wear when she’s leaving prison? How does it feel to get out of the prison tracksuit for the first time in months or years and back into ordinary clothes? How does time in prison leave its mark on the body? What accounts for the gaol saying that in prison, men get fit, while women get fat?

Restrictions on clothing and grooming might seem like a trivial aspect of imprisonment. But losing control over personal presentation can have a profound impact on self-esteem, and undermine rehabilitation.


I have never ever thought of that issue in my entire life, what should a woman wear when she’s leaving prison? I’m a big fan of nice clothes, neat outlook and self-appearance, I know how it’s to be in such situation with restrictions on clothing and grooming. Well, as all women do, appearance is really important to us to keep our self-esteem on level.


They do bad things, but still, I personally think they deserve to look at least OK when their punishment is finished. It’s an essential part for them to get back to their normal like, and take back their sense of belonging in the community. How us, people in the community look at them will party determine how these women would be after prison. A better person or recommit crime.


The work Dress To Success organization has done is very meaningful and admirable. Not many people see this as a problem and they usually underestimate its serious impact on these women in jail and our society. I hope this will be analyze more in depth and raise more public awareness on this issue. One way to stop them recommit crime and get back to the community is here!

Then suddenly a day I wake up to endless worries, the unknown ones. They’re just coming and coming without any signs.


Sometimes, I find myself wondering in the middle of the lecture what will I be. Will these abstract sophisticated philosophies and knowledge make me a better person, have a better life, make more money? I feel like I’m sinking in the hopeless silence of my own questions. Well, the fact is I don’t really understand these “philosophies” that the lecturers, the tutors are talking about. What is “technology determinism”? What is the concept of whatsoever? Maybe, maybe I’m just too ordinary to understand these sophisticated things. English is not my mother tongue language which makes it even harder for me.

I’m lost in this sea of ideas and thoughts. Just lost.


IFTTT and how to use it to post an Instagram photo as a blog post


FTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

If this, then that. We call 'this' the Trigger, and 'that' the Action. Together, it is a Recipe.

IFTTT is pronounced like “gift” without the “g.”


So you can create connections between different media networks with just simple “RECIPE” that already on IFTTT website. But firstly, you have to create a IFTTT account.

For example, I’m gonna show how to link Instagram to WordPress so any new photo on your instagram will becomes a photo blog post on your wordpress. You can do it with any social network platform.


  • search “wordpress” in the search engine on IFTTT website
  • choose the media that you want to link with wordpress, eg: instagram-wordpress
  • then activate your wordpress account and instagram account
  • choose your setting with both instagram and wordpress
  • hit “use recipe”
  • everything is done, now you can check your activity, turn off or on your connections…etc

How to embed Vine video to your blog

I’m gonna show you how to embed a Vine video from your phone to your wordpress post. It’s pretty easy.


First, click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of your post (pictured in the first image above). A screen will come up with some choices. Pick the “Share this post” selection (as pictured in the second image above) and then “Embed.” (OK, this part is a bit like Twitter.)

Finally, to display your Vine clip as a looping video rather than a video embedded in a player like a YouTube clip, you’ll want to copy just the URL minus the “/embed” shortcode on the embed page. Place that in a single line in the HTML of your page where you want it to appear.

kids swearing

While waiting for the bus, I saw a little cute girl playing around with her brother. The kid just looked so cute until she opened her mouth.

” Don’t fucking do that! “, she yelled at her brother, probable not much older than her, in front of her mum. Surprisingly, her mum didn’t say anything about it.

I was shocked. She was wearing primary school uniform and she swore. My God! What has happened to this generation? What have we done to them? Isn’t she supported to be angelic and innocent? Isn’t she supported to say something cuter and nicer than the word “fucking”? Well, I guest she properly doesn’t know the meaning of “fucking”; but still it’s so inappropriate for such a young kid to say something like this. This happened in front of her mum, and who knows later, what could she say to her teacher?

I know, swearing now is not a really big deal. People swear every minute, every day; but for kids to swear as a “habit” from copying adults is just so wrong.

We have to look at ourselves again and find out what we have done so such thing happened.  Bad words appear everywhere, on TV, on the internet,books, magazines, comics… influential famous figures swear, parents swear, siblings swear, strangers swear… the kids will eventually pick up these words and think of them as cool word, something popular that everyone say. That’s how everything starts I suppose? But for this to become a “habit” is another story. Bad parenting is the first thing to blame. The kids would not continuing using the words if their parents explain and stop them from using the words in such way.


 http://www.littleheroes.com/wp-blog/parenting-advice/what-do-when-when-your-kids-swear/ – here is a helpful link for this problem.


Now, I wonder; is the little kid I saw today a “design fiction” of her parents? Back then, did them create a fictional design of a kid that could swear? If they did, they’re very successful at designing their own fiction.