Tết nowadays

Another year is coming. I just blinked and a year has passed. Time is too fast for us to follow.


There’re so many Tet festivals but they don’t make me feel like Tet at all. Tet is not about going to a festival, playing some games, eating something we could eat everyday and listening to live music. No, it’s not the Tet that I know.


Tet is a culture. To me, it’s a wonderful time of the year. In those last days, I and my family spend hours cleaning up our house. Well, it’s when I read all the memories of the year and decide which ones have to be forgotten. We buy new decoration to refresh and bring some new luck into our house. We always have a special lunch on the last day after we worship my dad’s parents. There’s always a boiled chicken and ” bánh chưng”. It’s the only time of the year I eat “bánh chưng”, it’s not my favourite though.  And thousand of things we do when Tet is coming, they always keep us busy but happy.


And to the children, the most interesting part of Tet is receiving lucky money ” lì xì”. In the old day, the children loved lucky money because they believed that money would bring them luck but nowadays, they love it because of its value. People turn into too realistic these days, and so do I.


Sometimes, I miss the old day. It was too good to remember.


Another Tet is coming, just like my last year. No Mum, no dad, no Tet special dishes, no traditional things I used to do when Tet is coming but valuable lucky money.


Somehow, I wish I could have a real Tet like I used to, but I couldn’t use that money to buy a Tet for myself.


I realise there’s something more valuable than money and it’s our feelings, the real feelings that we hide inside our hearts.


Just close my eyes and imagine I’m back home, worship my grandparents and then eat the boiled chicken and “bánh chưng” as well; Mum is smiling and Dad is telling stories of his wretched youth.

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