Dreamer (feat. Starrah)

I convinced my food-eating friend to check out this falafel place with me some time last week, which we did do, on the way realising the new Charli XCX mixtape is actually pretty massive. But once we got there, even though the hummus plate was slightly disappointing due to the misleading amount of falafels given, and the weird runnyness of the hummus because of the way it was prepared, I made a really massive find, and it was kind of a blast from the past.

By that I mean, I saw a Video Busters. That’s right, a video store, in 2017. A shop with DVD’s localised entirely within this shop, that you can rent, on Tuesday’s for a dollar each. I felt thoroughly obliged to rent a DVD, but in this Netflix world I had to opt for something I thought I wouldn’t be able to acquire easily on some other form of technology. So naturally, I went to the Australian section. Coming across Joffa: The Movie, I got a thought bubble to watch some sort of Footy movie, and walked away with Australian Rules, a movie a thought was directed by Khoa Do, but I was wrong (footy legends was the one I was thinking of). Was intrigued by the way a particular scene was edited to convey, without the use of evident violence, but still telling a violent act, through like subject-to-subject.

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