musings of movies past

So I watched Trainspotting 2 on Tuesday night and was pretty intrigued by the entire experience, in that the way it was done that was so incredibly nostalgic, and a call back, but also so telling of I guess what it is like to go through an addiction. Especially when it comes to films where the endings are ambiguously potentially good, like at the end of the original, Mark has the money, he “chooses life”, spud gets money, Begbie deservedly and Sickboy probably undeservedly gets hung out to dry, but we have our protagonist choosing to move away from that life, and the innocuous nice guy character of the film getting a little cut of the money. Then to see in T2 when we get a very good idea of what happens in those 20 years, especially that Spud didn’t take that nice gesture well, simply using it to get more skag providing major context it I guess, to just think about endings of films and what people expect or anticipate from them

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