Week 1 – Megatrends: The World is changing

The big question that we all ask ourselves is where is the future heading, what is in store for us and our jobs, livelihood and family. What will be be doing and how will technology and media change us. You can already see the power media and technology has on the world, and this reading picks apart the fourth industrial revolution into the megatrends that are physical, digital and biological. As this reading goes through the changes that have already occurred, it fast forwards into the future and predicts how everything might turn out. What will be happening to the physical technologies, the way we use technology through a medical standpoint, and how digital platforms have shaped the modern society?

The main points that were taken out of this reading are:

  1. Innovation – which is described as a complex and social process, that should never be taken for granted. Without innovation where would we all be? Would we be walking around with mini robots in our hands, would we be able to do everything online? In today’s society we are so technologically influenced, that innovation is they key to the future. It is what will ensure new and exciting ventures to arise – and we progress into the future minimising risks.
  2. Purpose – As I come to the end of the course, its a constant worry as to where I will go now. I have grown up in a world where technology has grown alongside me. I have adapted, I have learnt, and I am now the future of innovation. A quote that stuck out to me was, “technology enables greater efficiency, which most people want. Yet they also wish to feel that they are not merely part of a process but of something bigger than themselves”.

You experience what is it like to be apart of the fourth industrial revolution, when you rely so heavily on technology to get by, and by the way you have future ideas that are shared on a media platform, best suited to the favourited media platform of the time. You look at Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and people see it as a way to communicate, however it is something much bigger than that, they are enterprises that have taken over modern society. As I am heading towards this in the future, I read the paragraph talking about the digital megatrends, and really thought about the idea that Facebook doesn’t create any content, AirBnb doesn’t own any property and Uber doesn’t own any cars. This reading has opened my mind to the endless opportunities that partner the media industry, we are surrounded by it in every direction we look. “We are at the threshold of a radical systematic change that requires human beings to adapt continuously”.

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